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Hi all!

I am very slowly building my first WPF application, so please be patient. I have been stuck with this one for a while now, so I hope someone here at CP can help me.

I have a data grid, when the user double clicks on it, i want to read a unique id that is stored in a column with a known index. Using this article:[^] I have written the following code, which works allright:

'find datagridcell the user double clicked
dep = DirectCast(e.OriginalSource, DependencyObject)
Do While Not dep Is Nothing
    dep = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(dep)
    If TypeOf (dep) Is DataGridCell Then
        'find datagridcellspanel to which the datagridcell belongs
        Do While Not dep Is Nothing
            dep = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(dep)
            If TypeOf (dep) Is DataGridCellsPanel Then
                'find cell in position 1 --> contains the id
                dgc = DirectCast(VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(dep, 1), DataGridCell)
                lId = CLng(DirectCast(dgc.Content, TextBlock).Text.ToString)
                MsgBox("id i'm looking for: " & lId.ToString)
                Exit Do
            End If
        Exit Do
    End If

Now, if the column containing the id is hidden, this code will not work... I understand that this is because I am using the Visual Tree... Should I use the logical tree instead? I have tried to, but the parent of the datagridcell is nothing.

So, any idea how to do this? I don't need code as much as an idea of what class should I use. C# code is welcome too.

TIA for your help
Updated 1-Mar-11 3:24am

1 solution

Does this[^] help? It gets the underlying data source data because of the null (Nothing) problems. It's in C#, unfortunately but you should be able to follow.
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iris.frigole 1-Mar-11 8:36am    
I will have a look to the linked article later today and let you know... I am a newbie, so I can't tell without reading everything more than once! Thank you.

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