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I know making an antivirus is inpractical and there are already good antiviruses out there but I would like to know how to make one for the sake of learning. I don't know where to start. I want it to be able to find files and delete them pretty much. Any ideas?
Updated 24-May-17 21:14pm
walterhevedeich 3-May-11 21:34pm
Tried google?

If you are interested in creating true antivirus with real time scanning, you must have capability to know how to use language capable of core level functions. C++ ASM for example.
If you wish to create a file scanner, you can read for example all files in a folder and search for them for special virus signatures. The problem here is how to get the virus signatures. Antivirus programs always secure their own signatures, so that they do not get tampered with.
Other method is to use something called heuristic analysis. You search possibly malicious code sequences from executables without knowing if the file itself contains any specific virus signatures.
Reference Link-[how can i make an antivirus][^]

There are lots of question in CP Titled Create Anti virus in C#. take a look at given CP question for getting perfect and expert answer
learning to build an antivirus[^]
Internet Security or antivirus development[^]

For more Information take a look there[^]
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-May-11 10:16am
Agree, my 5.
Oh boy, searching on google gives plenty of result. Just try searching antivirus in c#.
Below are some links to save your keyboard ink ;) and finger movements:[^][^]
Hope this[^] also might help you.
Amit Kumar Tiwari, did you clicked on the links that you have posted? You posted a link that shows how to detect if you have a antivirus already installed, but it's not a antivirus.

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