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I am a newbie in MFC C++ and I just want to ask if anyone knows where can I find a sample code application or could any one share a code of an application of Synchronization, Multithreading and socket programming in MFC C++ 2005.

Thanks in advance.
Updated 3-May-11 18:06pm

There are so many different application of all three types techniques used together, and so many combinations of different techniques, so it's not possible to understand what exactly you need. If you get just one example of the application using Synchronization , Multithreading and socket programming you will probably learn very little.

That said, try to narrow down your search and Google for it. I guess you will find to many samples; but that can give you the idea of the wide spectrum of techniques involved.

aizenel 4-May-11 1:41am
..thank you hans, i'll try that.. :)
Sorry, I'm just curious, "thank you..." who? I don't know this word...
CPallini 4-May-11 5:38am
'hans' is probably the uncapitalized version of 'Hans', he was thanking Hans Dietrich, I suppose.
BTW, since I'm not able to deduce your first name from the nick, probably I'll start to call you 'Hans' too. :-D
Joan M 4-May-11 6:40am
:rolleyes: :-D
My full name's Sergey A Kryukov, many call me SA, even in oral conversation, which is quite appropriate. My full name is not the CodeProject ID, because there is at least one other member with the exact same full name, and few with same last (family) name.
CPallini 5-May-11 2:27am
OK, thank you, Hans.
aizenel 4-May-11 2:31am
(Thank you:
a polite expression of one's gratitude
, that's according to merriam-webster dictionary..) haha.. :)
..sorry,, peace..
..thank YOU for your post..
You're welcome.
Thanks for the explanation :-)
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Thank you.
aizenel 4-May-11 2:35am
more appropriate.. for your reply.. thanks again..
aizenel 4-May-11 2:43am
:)smile and smile.. haha
k, i'll do that.. can't find any green button here..
i guess my browser has a problem.. the page is not totally loaded..
i'll do that later..
thanks again..
aizenel 4-May-11 5:31am
i guess, i misunderstood the word that you don't know. sorry for that. u're talking bout hans right?? If that's it, sorry again, just red the wrong name hehe..
Right. Not problem at all. I'm also curios what "hans" mean, that's all.
Espen Harlinn 10-May-11 3:01am
Good point, 5ed!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-May-11 13:18pm
Thank you, Espen.
Try ACE[^]

As you can see from this page:ACE, TAO, and CIAO Success Stories[^], ACE have been used in some fairly serious "real" applications - it also supports working with MFC - and it's well documented, including numerous examples illustrating how to do just about anything you are likely to require when it comes to multithreading, synchronization and socket programming :)

Espen Harlinn
aizenel 4-May-11 5:29am
..thank you Espen, i'll read that.. :)..
ACE again! Good point, my 5.
Espen Harlinn 10-May-11 3:01am
Thank you, SAKryukov!
There are plenty of samples out there...

Of course there are lots of needs in that field also so it all really depends on what you need to achieve...

Take a look at those links:[^]
Synchronization in Multithreaded Applications with MFC[^][^][^]

You'll get valuable info there...

Hope this helps!

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