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I want to create string using array,
Ex: update table set name=@name,address=@addr,age=@age etc.
I want to create this command using array because every time the update command is different for different tables. So i want to write command only one time.

Please any one help me in this regard.

Thanks in Advance
Updated 16-May-11 20:36pm

1 solution

use Dictionary for this put column name as key and the corresponding value-
void Runcommand(string tableName,Dictionary<string,object>updatevalues, string wherecaluse)
  SqlCommand cmd=new SqlCommand(conn);
  cmd.CommandText="update "+tableName +" Set ";
  bool isAdded=false;
  foreach(string key in updatevalues.keys)
      cmd.CommandText+=", ";
    cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter(key,updatevalues[key]);
  cmd.CommandText+=" where "+whereclause;

hope this will work for you.
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Robert Rohde 17-May-11 1:45am    
You forgot to set isAdded to true.
pankajupadhyay29 17-May-11 4:41am    
oh yes thanks.
rahul dev123 17-May-11 1:55am    
Thanks for your help but its not clear for me. If you don't mind please help me to sending the details code
pankajupadhyay29 17-May-11 4:43am    
this is all you need to create the command dynamically, which part is not clear to you??
parmar_punit 17-May-11 5:13am    
Where you add the SET and WHERE clauses in the CommandText??

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