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I am currently trying to develop a reminder application. Here is what i want the application to be like.

1. Be able to take at least two reminders.
2. Start with when the computer boots.
3. Shouldn't have the reminders saved in a database but rather an xml or file.
4. Shouldn't be seen unless it is opened by clicking it's shortcut menu on the desktop or the notification icon on the system tray.
5. Should run on the background and show some kind of notification when the time is up.
6. Should only show it is running by the icon on the system tray. Like the Orbit downloader or others.

I am not new to c#. I am programmer and i can do most of the things but my problem is, how to create a windows application which has a couple of forms, but only shows an icon on the system tray when it is running. I can create the icon the system tray, but i have to have a form to put that notification control on. So when i ran the system, the form will open. I don't want that. I don't want the form to open unless the user clicks some right-click menu on the notification icon or something.

So, my emphasis will be on
1. How to create an application that starts when the computer starts up.
2. How to make that application running (checking system date time on the background).
3. How to show only the icon on system tray and not the forms (Unless requested by the user).

I am using Visual studio 2005.

Thank you.

This[^] might be of some use to you.
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hello guys..

see this page link

Simple Reminder Application[^]


if any
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RakeshMeena 13-Jun-11 6:46am    
I think you meant "guys"! A simple typo can change the message you intend to deliver.
surisai 28-Dec-16 0:14am    
nice .. but it is c/C++ language, but i want C# language...please
Although i've figured out a way to use the form and notify icon together, the link you gave me really helped. Thanks a lot.
I'm still looking for new ways to do this. So keep those answers coming.
I don't think its a good idea to have a database for such a small application, so i decided to store this in an xml file. So i'm now concentrating on storing a table kind of data in xml.
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