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Hi All,

How can i create forms like star or any thing else in csharp ?
How can i create costomize forms in cSharp?

Please Help me.
Updated 6-Jul-11 0:25am

Try this for heart shape.

Heart shaped Form in C# 2.0[^]
StM0n 6-Jul-11 5:18am
That was the article I wanted to reference :) good one...
Toniyo Jackson 6-Jul-11 5:20am
Thanks :)
[no name] 6-Jul-11 5:26am
Nice Link. Good Call. My 5 for you.
Toniyo Jackson 6-Jul-11 5:29am
Thanks Ram :)
["If the question is about the shape of System.Windows.Forms.Form, if won't help much.
Please see my solution." --SA]

That was my mistake; I removed my answer, voted 5.
Toniyo Jackson 7-Jul-11 1:40am
Thanks SA :)
Rajesh Lagaria 6-Jul-11 12:40pm
good link for new thinkrs. my 5 for you
Toniyo Jackson 7-Jul-11 1:40am
Thanks Raja :)
Uday P.Singh 6-Jul-11 12:59pm
my 5!
Thanks to Manfred, I removed my answer which incorrectly stated the correctness of this solution and voted 5.
Uday P.Singh 6-Jul-11 15:37pm
I highly appreciate this :)
Toniyo Jackson 7-Jul-11 1:40am
Thanks Uday :)
Thanks to the note from Manfred, I realized that I incorrectly evaluated your answer. The solution is actually provided by your link.

Therefore, I voted 5 and removed my own answer which incorrectly stated that you answer did not provide a solution.
Toniyo Jackson 7-Jul-11 1:42am
No problem SA. Thanks for your positive attitude. Cheers!!!
fjdiewornncalwe 6-Jul-11 14:47pm
+5. That article is the solution and a good way for the OP to learn how to do this.
Toniyo Jackson 7-Jul-11 1:42am
Thanks Marcus :)
Learn to play with graphics,brushes & paint.
Then it will be a easy task
If this is about the shape of System.Windows.Forms.Form, it won't help at all.
Please see the solution by Toniyo (I've removed my own solution).

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