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hello friend

i want close the current window when i am click on button and open another window.

i am using code on button click which is given below

Form1 f = new Form1();

Form2 f2 = new Form2();

but its not working i am use hide also but its not working can any one help me

To answer your question:

Form1 f = new Form1();
f.Closed += new ....

and in the Closed event handler for Form1

Form2 f = new Form2();

Maybe if you described EXACTLY what you're trying to do, we could give you a better answer.
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on button click of form1 code this to close the current window:


and write this to open the new window:

Form2 f2 = new Form2();

hope this helps :)
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BobJanova 6-Jul-11 9:20am    
5 for answering the direct question asked, however for what I suspect the OP wants, closing the first form will close the application.
Uday P.Singh 6-Jul-11 10:41am    
yes you are right it will close the application, even I don't understand what OP wants, just gave the answer to his specific requirement.
thanks for 5 :)
After your response to Ace_Hardlight, I think this tip/trick will help you:

Multiple Subsequent "Main" Forms in C# Apps[^]
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//form to open
Form1 f = new Form1();;

//current form you want to close
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guptaadeepak 6-Jul-11 8:36am    
when i am run application form1 is open when i am click on button on from1 then form2 is open and form1 is close??

using this.close(); all form is close
Ace_Hardlight 7-Jul-11 1:25am    
that's cause form1 is then the parent form. When you close the parent form all child forms are closed aswell. However, if you use this.Close() on form2, it will only close form2 and form1 will still be open. Which form do you want to close and which one do you want open?

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