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hello friend,

i have an problem i have two textbox one is startno and another is endno
and i want insert ip in these text box and when i am click on add button then add all ip in my database for example from [] to [] and when on click on add all ip form 1 to 5 in the database.

i am find the last digit and i am using for loop but i dont know how can i increment in ipno can any one guide me??

Assuming that your text box contains complete IP addresses: "n.n.n.n" then the first thing to do is convert them from strings to IP addresses you can work with. There is a .NET method for this: IPAddress.Parse Method[^]

string s = "";
IPAddress i = IPAddress.Parse(s);
byte[] bytes = i.GetAddressBytes();
for (int count = 0; count < 5; count++)
    i = new IPAddress(bytes);
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guptaadeepak 27-Jul-11 4:57am    
Thanks for update but my problem still not solved
OriginalGriff 27-Jul-11 4:58am    
What part of it are you having problems with?
thank griff my problem is solve i am using this
string myString = Txtfrom.Text.ToString();
       char[] separator = new char[] { '.' };
       string[] colorList = myString.Split(separator);
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Thanks to OriginalGriff for the part, the complete / dynamic solution would be:

string address1 = "";
string address2 = "";

IPAddress startAddress = IPAddress.Parse(address1);
IPAddress endAddress = IPAddress.Parse(address2);

byte[] startAdrArr = startAddress.GetAddressBytes();
byte[] endAdrArr = endAddress.GetAddressBytes();

for (byte octet1 = startAdrArr[0]; octet1 <= endAdrArr[0]; octet1++)
	for (byte octet2 = startAdrArr[1]; octet2 <= endAdrArr[1]; octet2++)
		for (byte octet3 = startAdrArr[2]; octet3 <= endAdrArr[2]; octet3++)
			for (byte octet4 = startAdrArr[3]; octet4 <= endAdrArr[3]; octet4++)
				string currentAddress = string.Format(
				/* process the address */

Hope this helps anyone :)

Best regards and happy coding,
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