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friends i am using uploadfile control to save file on server the which is i am using given below but i am not able to see file on server the folder is still blank can you guide me ??
if (FileUploader.HasFile)
        FileUploader.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("confirm//") +
        Label1.Text = "File name: " +
             FileUploader.PostedFile.FileName + "<br>" +
             FileUploader.PostedFile.ContentLength + " kb<br>" +
             "<br><b>Uploaded Successfully";
    catch (Exception ex)
        Label1.Text = "ERROR: " + ex.Message.ToString();
        Label1.Visible = true;
    Label1.Text = "You have not specified a file.";
    Label1.Visible = true;

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Updated 28-Jul-11 22:33pm
Uday P.Singh 29-Jul-11 4:33am    
are you getting any error message? if yes then please post it.
RaisKazi 29-Jul-11 4:42am    
Your code seems to be Ok.

Try giving Full Rights to "confirm" folder to user "network_services". Hopefully it should then work.

Even if doesn't work then let us know exact error.

Check your path: Server.MapPath returns a path based on the current executing file location if a qualified path is not given. You may want to try "~/confirm/" instead of "confirm//"
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guptaadeepak 29-Jul-11 7:20am    
dear griff code is right i am provide permission in IIS and now is working fine thanks for reply
You can use this code for file name.
string filename = Path.GetFileName(this.upload.FileName);

also use for server upload
upload.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("~/IMEINO/") + filename);

u try it ....
all the best.
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guptaadeepak 29-Jul-11 7:21am    
thanks bro problem is sortout

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