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Hello all. I am having trouble finding the "onClick" or comparable action for this select box within the site. I can't post the entire site here, but any ideas where I might look to find it? There is no wrapping <form>, and once a value is selected, the search is dynamically updated. I can't find the "perPage" variable anywhere but here.

<select id="perPage" name="perPage">
   <option value="40">40</option>
   <option value="80">80</option>
   <option value="120">120</option>
   <option value="160">160</option>
   <option value="ALL">All</option>

Any help is much appreciated! thanks!
Updated 4-Aug-11 10:19am

#realJSOP 7-Aug-11 7:15am
His problem is that he can't find it. It's already apparently implemented, but he doesn't know where.
Is this an web site? Is it using ajax?

EDIT ================

You didn't answer my question, but okay.

See if you have any .js files in your site folder, and look for anything that looks like initialization of a dropdown list.

Failing that, start at "the search" that gets dynamically updated, and work backwards from there.

I don't know why my answer got 1-voted when your question doesn't even come close to helping us to help you.
Suraci7 4-Aug-11 15:13pm
I am noting some XMLHTTP requests using firebug, so I assume that's Ajax, though i'm not too familiar with Ajax.
fjdiewornncalwe 4-Aug-11 15:20pm
You will likely have a javascript library file loaded into the page which contains the handlers.

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