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Please send me some details from which I can get idea
Updated 25-Jun-20 20:45pm
Prerak Patel 17-Aug-11 4:44am
Not a question. Try google first.
Qureshali 17-Aug-11 5:08am
I had tried Google but I didn't get exact information.
I need only algorithm to the above title
Richard MacCutchan 17-Aug-11 5:27am
This question is impossible to answer, we have no idea what file handling may have to do with any auction system you are referring to. You need to design your system first based on its requirements and then come back here with a more specific question when you get stuck on some coding issues.
Qureshali 17-Aug-11 5:35am
I need to make a project on simple auction system.
there are 30 players each having some value in say $.
Then there are 2-3 auctioneer who bids 1 by 1 for each player.
The auctioneer with the highest bid has the player joined in its team
Legor 17-Aug-11 5:58am
So you should start with a design of your system. I would draft a first class design (your several classes e.g. Auctioneer and Player, their relations, attributes and methods) Then implement the class skeletons according to the design and start filling it with logic by implementing the methods. But as Richard allready stated nobody here will (or even could) give you a complete solution.
NaumanMalik 25-Jun-20 9:22am
kindly share code with me please. it will help me out
Thank You <3
Richard MacCutchan 26-Jun-20 3:38am
Please do not post messages like this. Especially in a nine year old question. Also if you created the account for Member 14873736 - Professional Profile[^] just to post the request belwo as Solution 2, then you are abusing the site. Please delete the duplicate account.
NaumanMalik 26-Jun-20 10:00am
ofcourse not this is not my account and i asked him for code for my easiness and i also know that im neither abusing the SITE nor im asking for free solutions but here everyone treat newcomers like All show no go ... No help and saying that im doing wrong in every perspective :( sadly
Richard MacCutchan 26-Jun-20 10:16am
A number of people have tried to help you. But you would rather repeat the same question than actually try what has been suggested. Even more sadly.
NaumanMalik 26-Jun-20 11:25am
i am actually doing it, i will upload it shortly... i will do whole program.
Richard MacCutchan 26-Jun-20 11:41am
Yes, you keep saying that.

1 solution

you haven't draft me any design i.e. skeleton of the several classes.
I need to submit it this week. So please help me out
Richard MacCutchan 18-Aug-11 5:35am
Ah, I see this is your homework, well unfortunately we do not do other people's homework for them. It would not be fair (to others or to you) if you passed your degree course with work that was all written by other people.

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