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Well I am developing a lookup using object for the web apps which runs on the webkit browser of android tablet.Now the problem is the object is not displaying to its given height & width on the tablet while it is displaying good on the windows desktop.Following is my code.

function ADShowLookup(Title,For,Obj,ObjDesc,Text,WeDate, Focus,FunName,Height,Width,UserGroup)
        URL = "Height="+Height+"&hObject=" + Obj + "&hObjDesc=" + ObjDesc + "&hFor=" + For + "&Text=" + Text;
        if(Focus != undefined)   URL += "&nextfocus=" + Focus ;
        if(FunName != undefined)   URL += "&hFunName="  + FunName ;        
        if(UserGroup != undefined)   URL += "&hUserGroup="  + UserGroup ; 
        if(WeDate != undefined)   URL += "&WeDate=`dtWeDate`" ;
        doOpenWin('calltc2?title=' + Title + '&report=showLookup¶ms=' + escape(URL),Height,Width);

    function doOpenWin(URL, Height, Width)
        Att = "dialogWidth:" + Width + "px; dialogHeight:" + Height + "px; status:no; center:yes;scroll:no";
        var hwin;
        hwin =,'win1','toolbar=no,statusbar=yes,width=400,height=600');
        hwin.moveTo(300, 400);

<img src="/michel/lookup.gif"  önclick=" ADShowLookup('CC Search','cc16','CcCode','CcDesc','`cJobNo`','County','',600,300)" style="cursor:pointer">

So can anyone help me in this?

Your help will surely appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!!!!


Updated 19-Aug-11 4:08am

1 solution

Where did you get your dialogWidth, dialogHeight? Must be width, height. Find correct samples here:[^].

There are million of documents describing such Javascript function, why not looking at them? As you asked this question, you have Internet access.

123arvind123 22-Aug-11 1:42am
well thanks SAKrykove for reply...I am doing this task on the android tablet.I know what is it properties and parameters.On the desktop its working good but not working on the android tab.It just pop up on the whole screen which is my problem.

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