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I need a query for below for sql server 2000.

table structure:

col1 Col2
1 a
2 b
1 c
2 d
1 e
3 f

Out put should be like this:

col1 col2
1 a,c,e
2 b,d
3 f

Help me on this.

Espen Harlinn 1-Oct-11 13:18pm
I really enjoyed your profile - it's a shame I can't vote for it too :)
Kim Togo 2-Oct-11 11:17am
Haha thanks :-)
Must confess that the original text is her:
Try this.
SELECT   Col1, LEFT([Col2], LEN([Col2]) - 1) as [Col2]
           FROM  ( SELECT  DISTINCT Col1
                      FROM  tablename )  AS A

                FROM  tablename B WHERE A.Col1 = B.Col1
                 FOR  XML PATH('') ) AS C ([Col2])

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