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i need a library.event log of linux using c++ libabry

as some time ago a soap client library was given here.

so right now i need event log of linux using c++ library...
Updated 30-Dec-11 1:40am

GO through the below link[^]
prince_rumeel 30-Dec-11 7:16am
Is it for linux?
Rajesh Anuhya 30-Dec-11 7:18am
Are you go through the link, or simple asking.., read carefully , These are for RedHat Linux 6.2
prince_rumeel 30-Dec-11 7:54am
thanska lot.bro can u give me link of its example that how can we impliment it.
Take a look at Boost::Log[^]

Cheers, AT
prince_rumeel 30-Dec-11 7:12am
i need like this one: JavaScriptSOAPClient
markkuk 30-Dec-11 7:39am
That article has nothing to do with event logging or C++. Please try to explain more clearly what do you actually want.
prince_rumeel 30-Dec-11 8:03am
bro i m realy thanks full to you that u give me a powerful link.
bro i want to write code for eventlog in c++ for linux.
so i asked about library link.and thx that u give me.

now i need some example of that code.that how can we impliment that code in c++ to eventlog in c++/

bro plz try to understand.
markkuk 30-Dec-11 17:12pm
See the "Tutorial" section under the link that Addy posted.
Addy Tas 31-Dec-11 4:17am
Hi, thanks; that saves me the time. I kind of get the feeling that this guy is making others work for him. It would seem that he does not use google and does not read these articles.
You can try:
Few C++ Log framework / libraries
1. log4cpp[^]
3. pantheios[^]
4. log4cplus[^]
5. log4cxx[^]
6. Google Logging Library[^]
7. Poco Logging framework[^]

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