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I have a problem with the list view column header,
the problem :

1-I want to fix the header width and stop column resizing,
so i did implement a class . this is the code:

public class FixedWidthColumn : GridViewColumn

static FixedWidthColumn()
new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(null,new CoerceValueCallBack(OnCoerceWidth)));


private static object OnCoerceWidth(DependencyObject o,object baseValue)
FixedWidthColumn fws = o as FixedWidthColumn;
if(fws != null) 
return fws.FixedWidth;

return baseValue;

public double FixedWidth
get{return (double)GetValue(FixedWidthProperty);}


public static readonly DependencyProperty FixedWidthProperty=
new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(double.NaN,new PropertyChangedCallBack(OnFixedWidthChanged))

private static void OnFixedWidthChanged(DependencyObject o,DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
FixedWidthColumn fws=o as FixedColumn;
if(fes != null)



this is the class when i use it in the xmal code it work the width is fixed and can not change the cloumn size ,
the problem is i want to add a Handler m her the error appear
this what i did write in the Xaml code:


<customgridheader:fixedwidthcolumn fixedwidth="110" header="Test1" mouse.mouseup="OnTestClick" xmlns:customgridheader="#unknown" />

the error is FixedWidthColumn does not contain definition for AddHAndler.

How can i definie the add handler???
and how can i change the cursor style when the mouse is over the header ??

this my problem , thx for your passion on me and i hope that any one can help me in this problem
Updated 26-Jan-12 0:10am

I don't understand why you had to make your own customer GridViewColumn. If you set the width on the standard column to a fixed amount, then it does not resize itself.
but the user can resize it on dragind the mouse over the list view header,to stop this action i did make my own GridViewColumn

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