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i want to know how long it will take to transfer 1bytes over a baud rate of 250Kbps..

if there a formula, can someone can post it or show me an work out example.

thanks in advance ...
Updated 16-Feb-12 3:47am

1 solution

Serial communication uses start and stop bits, may contain a parity bit, and may transfer only 7-bit data. So the sum of the number of start bits, stop bits, parity bit, and data bits is the effective number of bits per byte.

250Kbps is 250,000 bits per second. So calculation can be performed by the rule of three.
[no name] 16-Feb-12 9:27am
Member 8525993 16-Feb-12 9:56am

thanks for the fast response. can you elaborate a little more? and what are the rule of three?
Jochen Arndt 16-Feb-12 10:12am
Rule of three, also known as rule of proportion:
I think there is nothing more to elaborate on it while we did not know about your settings for the serial communication. If you have a specific question, you are welcome.

I'm a little bit nasty. But I think you should be able to create the formula yourself. This would be much better than using one without understanding.
Member 8525993 16-Feb-12 10:58am
Since we know it will take 250,000 bits/s

we can use 250,000bits/sec = xbits/1sec

so in one second we can transfer 250,000 bits.

and one byte = 8btye

so 250000 bits * (1bytes/8bits) = 31250 btyes
Jochen Arndt 16-Feb-12 11:19am
That's correct. But the question was the time for one byte. So you have to choose the reciprocal value to get the time in seconds.
Member 8525993 16-Feb-12 13:30pm
take the reciprocal of what value ?
Jochen Arndt 16-Feb-12 13:32pm
Of the bytes per second. Transmission of 1 byte requires 1/31250 seconds. That was your question.
Member 8525993 16-Feb-12 14:10pm
yes..... that was the question. thanks.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Apr-12 21:50pm
Nice... a lot of patience; my 5.

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