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I have a dropdown list,panel and a button control in a windows form
The dropdown list items will be 1,2,3.
So when i select any of the value from dropdown list i want a panel with textbox to be created and add the dynamically created panel to the already existing panel based on the items value in dropdown
i.e., if i select 2 ,then two panels should be added to the main panel.
Can anybody help me out of this.
*** Default one panel will be static in the main panel.So when i give 2 it should have 2 panels including the one which is already present.
Thanks in advance.

Just create them, and add them to the existing Panel.Controls list:
Panel p1 = new Panel();
Panel p2 = new Panel();
You will probably want to set the size, and location, but that's trivial...
Maciej Los 11-May-12 5:42am
OriginalGriff, if i understand, Op want to create panels dynamicly. You have showed him "static" panel creation. ;)
Would it be better to use List(of Panel)?
OriginalGriff 11-May-12 6:14am
Possibly - it depends on the OP application.
The trouble is that if you put too much info in, it ends up confusing rather than helping - particularly when you don't have any code to start from! :laugh:
Maciej Los 11-May-12 17:20pm
qwerty 2 11-May-12 5:45am
yeah never mind ,we can use it..
Maciej Los 11-May-12 5:51am
@qwerty 2, if solution was helpful, please, rate it and mark as "solved". Thank you.
Wendelius 11-May-12 17:11pm
VJ Reddy 12-May-12 23:34pm
My 5!
I think OriginalGriff's answer is complete but just want to add a little twist. Since you're working with Forms have you noticed that you have some generated code in the ..Designer.cs? Have a look at that code and you'll notice how Visual Studio actually adds the controls on your forms. You can use the same principles in your code also :)
VJ Reddy 12-May-12 23:34pm
Good addition. 5!
Wendelius 13-May-12 2:59am

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