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I sm trying to develop a user control.

In which ,i am using AjaxModalPopextender.

I want to show list of values in that User Control.

But I want to use this control for most of the forms so i am creating a dynmaic user control.

So can anybody suggest how to pass parameters to user control by using querystring or in any other way.

Thanks in advance

1 solution

The best way to pass data to a user control would be to have public properties. For example:
public partial class PopupControl : System.Web.UI.UserControl
   public string DisplayValues { get; set; }

So, now when you are using this control, you can do something like:
<uc:popupcontrol  runat="server" id="popup1" displayvalues="some values" xmlns:uc="#unknown" />

Similarly, if you are dynamically creating these controls (as you say in your question):
PopupControl popup = LoadControl(src);
popup.DisplayValues = "some values";

This article pretty much explains this in detail - Dynamic Loading of ASP.NET User Controls[^]

Of course any query string can also be accessed in a user control just like in a aspx page, but the cleaner way of doing this is with user control properties.

Hope this helps!
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Rahul Rajat Singh 7-Jun-12 2:22am    
Very good answer. +5 for that.
Abhijit Parab 7-Jun-12 2:55am    
Thanks for this solution.

I am using now user control properties.

But now i want to access those properties in Javascript

U have any idea, how to access those propeties in Javascript?

Thanks in advance
Karthik. A 7-Jun-12 11:58am    
You build the html from the properties you pass right? You will have to use them. For example, say are passing 3 values to the user control and you display it as <div>value 1</div><div>value 2</div><div>value 3</div>, attach some class to it like <div class="values">value 1</div><div class="values">value 2</div><div class="values">value 3</div>. Then using jquery you can get the values as $('.values') - which will be an array of 3 values. If you post the content of your .ascx file, I can help, looking at the html generated.

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