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I have a content string that get from mysql:

<table width="450" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1">
        <td><img width="513" height="680" align="left" alt=" src="/userfiles/image/pic.jpg" /></td>
        <td><img width="315" height="700" align="left" alt=" src="/userfiles/image/DSC_0389.JPG" /></td>
        <td><img width="580" height="320" align="left" alt=" src="/userfiles/image/ktxh.jpg" /></td>

I will display content in html, Then I want: if click on any image in artice it will popup a window slideshow all images in the content with width and height are fixed by 200 (it's same as

i seach on google, but can't find any solution for that, anybody can help me? thank you very much

What I have tried:

I can't find the method, can you help me
Updated 8-May-19 16:25pm

1 solution

Member 14174664 2-May-19 5:41am
I can't apply the solution by you, because my all images link is from content of the article (load dynamic from mysql), not only images, but also text... and it popup when user click on any image when view detail the article. thank Christian Graus
Christian Graus 2-May-19 5:44am
PHP can template HTML, can it not? so generate the HTML dynamically, from your data.
Member 14174664 2-May-19 6:00am
can you guide me accurate the code?
Christian Graus 2-May-19 6:15am
I've never done PHP, it's very old and out of date. But if you know PHP, this should not be hard
Member 14174664 8-May-19 3:24am
anyone can help me?

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