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I'm sorry about bothering you with such noob question!
I'd like to start programming a simple raster drawing program for WPF with layers, etc. (something like as a learning project.
Do you have any ideas where should I start? I've tried to find similar projects to look at for ideas on google but I couldn't.
What components and base classes are suitable to try?

WPF is meant for vector graphics, not for bitmaps.

If you want to display a bitmap in WPF and need to be able to efficiently update it in memory, look at the WriteableBitmap[^] class.

If you want to render WPF vector contents onto a bitmap, take a look at RenderTargetBitmap[^].
0) Start Visual Studio

1) Click File | New... | Project...

2) On the left side of the subsequent dialog box, click "Windows"

3) On the right side, click "WPF Application"

4) At the bottom of that dialog, enter an entertaining, yet applicable name for your new project.

5) Click the OK button.

6) Next.... ah hell, I'm bored - you can take it from here.


"Applause" for Daniel Grunwald, who, imho, gave a considerate and appropriate response to the OP.

Given the OP's question was broad enough that you could see the earth's curvature in the distance ...

Still, imho, he responded with some "redeeming" sense of humour to the first rapier slash of JSOP.

I've voted all the (imho) sarcastic and needless posts #1 : this is a technical forum, not the lounge! And I've voted up the OP just for the sake of sheer contrariness.

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, I ask you whether it benefits CodeProject as a whole to use the technical forums as a "dumping ground" for "interpersonal static" ?

Isn't it more valuable (I'm asking rhetorically) to just politely tell the OP that the question is so broad as to be off-topic, or unanswerable, or to suggest to OP that they do a search of the many technical articles on CP that have to with drawing, drawing surfaces, bitmaps, shapes, etc. in both WPF and WinForms ?

To those of you who wish to admire your "godliness" : I suggest you look in a mirror :)

best, Bill


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