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I have a program that can add information to the database(datagridview)and i want to convert this program to Multiple Inheritance what can i do?
this my code:
userEntities am = new userEntities();
     Table_1 ta = new Table_1();
     ta.ID = Convert.ToInt32(textBox6.Text); = textBox9.Text;
     ta.last_name = textBox8.Text;
     ta.phon_number = maskedTextBox2.Text;
     ta.adress = textBox7.Text;

help me tanks

1 solution

Multiple inheritance does not exist in C#.
amirmohamad 15-Aug-12 3:25am
are you sure?
StianSandberg 15-Aug-12 3:47am
daghune 16-Aug-12 2:37am
Philip Stuyck 15-Aug-12 3:29am
What does exist is interfaces. You can inherit from one class only but you can implement multiple interfaces. What those interfaces should be is not clear from the code snippet you gave here.

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