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i want to make a web page with pop window and background disable..

suppose i click on link "Register NOW" then google Docs form open on same page with pop up and background page disable ......
is there any way??
plz help i m new to web programming..

If you are new to web programming, consider having a look at: LightSwitch[^]

It will probably save you a lot of effort.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
Wendelius 25-Aug-12 10:31am
Well worth considering.
Espen Harlinn 25-Aug-12 16:52pm
Thank you, Mika :-D
This is not a real popup. It's a jquery lightbox. If you include jquery and google 'lightbox' you'll find lots of examples, but overall if you're new to web programming, I'd suggest you learn javascript AFTER you've learned ASP.NET MVC. If you're learning something else, abandon it and learn ASP.NET MVC.

Here[^] is the site for the lightbox plug in. You should be able to just copy the code from the site ( you will need to include the right libraries, and probably download them ). It doesn't need any sort of server side code, you can do it in pure HTML.
Anand.genius 25-Aug-12 7:58am
yes but i have no time to learn now.. only this one is missing project i know CSS and HTML there any sort way ???
because have to complete my work in very limited time ..
Christian Graus 25-Aug-12 8:01am
If you're just using CSS and HTML, you can add a lightbox easily, you don't need server side code for that. How can you 'not have time' when you're 'new to web programming' ? If you're being paid and given a deadline to develop something you don't know how to do, that's basically fraud.
Anand.genius 25-Aug-12 8:08am
no it is not like that i m not paid ..i m a student and want to develop my colleges technical festival web sites ..thats why
Christian Graus 25-Aug-12 8:12am
OK, well, like I said, you can add jquery to a site without having a back end. It all runs on the client. I add a link to my answer
Anand.genius 25-Aug-12 8:21am
thanks i will try it
It's done by creating an overlaying div on the fly in JS, like:

var gab = document.createElement('div');
  gab.setAttribute('id', 'OVER');
  gab.innerHTML='<div class="overlay"><h1>hello</h1></div>';

use a CSS class like

#OVER{width:100%; height:100%; left:0;/*IE*/ top:0; text-align:center; z-index:5; position:fixed; background-color:#fff;}
.overlay {width:100%; z-index:6; left:0;/*IE*/ top:30%; font-color:#cdcdcd; font-size:0.8em; text-align:center; position:fixed; background-color:#000;}

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