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Hi friends,

in my hr project i used datalist,
which is like this
Leave  | balance | used
  sl   |       6 |    3
  cl   |       6 |    0
  pl   |      15 |    0
  lwp  |       - |    0

now from this datalist i want to add new column (balance-used) from datalist.

result like this
Leave  | balance | used   |remained
  sl   |       6 |    3   |3
  cl   |       6 |    0   |6
  pl   |      15 |    0   |15
  lwp  |       - |    0   |-

so how can i do this.
Updated 5-Sep-12 21:52pm
Devang Vaja 1-Sep-12 7:31am    
are u filling datalist dynamically?
aarohi verma 1-Sep-12 7:42am    
no. fetching from two different tables.
AmitGajjar 1-Sep-12 8:11am    
what does balance-used mean ? balance and used both of the columns are present.
Devang Vaja 1-Sep-12 9:22am    
i think she want a column name Balance-used means there will be 4 collumns..

if balance-used column is not in db than fill it dynamically and add this column dynamically by calculation with javscript or any other thing...

The easiest way is probably to add a binding expression that does the subtraction. Let's say your existing DataList ItemTemplate code looks like this:

    <td><![CDATA[<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Leave") %>]]></td>
    <td><![CDATA[<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "balance") %>]]></td>
    <td><![CDATA[<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "used") %>]]></td>

Then, add the expression like this:

<table><tbody><tr><td><![CDATA[<%# (Container.DataItem as MyClass).balance - (Container.DataItem as MyClass).used %>]]></td></tr></tbody></table>

Where MyClass is the name of your data item class.
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dbaseman 1-Sep-12 16:26pm    
What's wrong with this solution?
aarohi verma 6-Sep-12 2:04am    
It give compilation error because of - character.i just try solve this.
create a class say Data and fill it with column names.
Class Data
public string Leave { get; set; }
public string Balance { get; set; }
public string Used { get; set; }
public string Remain  { get; set; }

create a list of type Data
List<Data> DataList = new List<Data>();

Now Create object of class Data and add it to list.
DataList.Add(new Data{Leave=<value>,Balance="<value>",Used="<value>",Remain="<value>"});

Each element in this list corresponds to a row.
U can even directly set the Datasource of any collection acceptable Gui element to this List.
[Columns would have names of Properties]
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