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I have a class. There is a function and a variable.
class myClass
   int num;
   int Calc(int x);

int myClass::Calc(int x)
   int num = 12536; //constant
   return num /*First One (Global)*/ + num /*2nd One (1 inside the function*/ + x;

Now, How Can I use both variables(num's) inside Calc Function ? I think above function is not corrent.
[no name] 13-Sep-12 11:06am
Try this.num for the "gobal"
Philip Stuyck 13-Sep-12 11:57am
this is very bad programming. Avoid reusing names like this.
There is coding conventions to be followed:
int _num; for member variables
int lnum; for local variables if you want to emphesize that they are local.
variable name hiding is what you do here, and is not a good idea.

1 solution


To referance your class member.

Actualy the best solution would be to change the names so as to remove any ambiguity.

Will also work though.
Captain Price 13-Sep-12 11:33am
thanks, it helps

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