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i have a crystal report in vs2005. I have to print this report in rollpaper with dotmatrix printer. After printng the report it omit some waste spaces.

I have to stop the printer where the last line was printed.

i was seached with this problem but i am unable to find a solution.

please helpme to come out this problem
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Sep-12 13:18pm    
It's a bad idea to try to control a printer directly... What could make it really required?

It's a really bad idea to try to control a printer directly, especially with CrystallReports. You should think in terms of a document, and always try to print the whole document. If a user wants to print just part of the document, that user can choose to do it at the level of the print dialog, by selecting a range of pages. But they will be pages, not graphic elements of the document.

Don't try to make things more complex, convoluted or entangled than they can be:
Keep it that way:[^].
Don't create accidental complexity:[^].
Separate concerns:[^].

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pasztorpisti 24-Sep-12 22:30pm    
5ed, this time for KISS principle that really works but a lot of people don't follow it. I would mention that utilizing the advices of both 3 linked pages takes some time as they require a big change in mindset. I remember when I started programming I was willing to overcomplicate things but that time my focus was rather on challange than design.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Sep-12 23:41pm    
Thank you so much. Well, the change in mindset could be considerable, but no change would go nowhere, wouldn't it? :-)
Shanmugam Vasu 28-Sep-12 8:46am    
Thanks for your response. Finally i solved the problem. And i post my solution
I solved this Problem, wecan't print dircetly in rollpaper with Crystal Reports for dynamic length(ie Dynamic Page Size), Because in Crystal report we have a standard page size(A4,Letter,Envelope etc ..)

For this Case Please Go through this Article: This Article describes how print a raw data.

Write and allign all your data in a Textfile and Print.

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