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There are two important restrictions to using indexers. First,because an indexer does
not define a storage location, a value produced by an indexer cannot be passed as a ref or
out parameter to a method. Second, an indexer must be an instance member of its class; it
cannot be declared static.

1. why we can't pass produced value by indexer as ref or out parameter to an method?

2. why indexers can not be static?
Updated 2-Oct-12 19:41pm

1 solution

Your quote answers your first question pretty exactly:
1) "because an indexer does not define a storage location"

It doesn't produce any storage related value so you can't pint a reference at it. If it doesn't have a value that a reference can point at, it can't be a reference, so it can't be passed as a reference. An Indexer is not a number: it is a process in a stage of execution.

2) Because it is an indexer into a specific instance of the class - if it was static, it would be a global indexer for all instances, and that would be silly - if you have two lists which of them should a global indexer return a value from? What if they have a different number of elements? Indexers have to be related to the specific indexable instance, or they can't work!

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