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So I'm new to web programming, mostly used to C#, but now I'm stuck tring to do an insert to a DB over a week.....
It is pretty simple, I have a form in Razor, when the user finishes he clicks a button that should insert it to the DB, but I'm not being able to make this insert.
I was able to use JavaScript to create the insert line, but I can't make it go to the DB.
Can anyone please give me an example of how I can make this Javascript line go to the DB ?

Thank you very much!

What I have tried:

Copied all examples I could find... very few, most stuff is in the old MVC format and not Razor...
Updated 13-Jul-19 15:54pm

1 solution

Razor is a View Engine, and is the default for Asp.Net MVC sites. The early Asp.Net sites used the web-forms engine.

Or are you mis-associating Razor as being for WebApi?
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Rafael321 15-Jul-19 9:56am    
Thanks for the reply, but actually I mean the new Razor Pages instead of the classic model, view, controller, in visual Studio, but making this shorter, I have values in javascript that I need to send to a database, I'd use ADO ir ODBC in C# but I don't know how to do it in web...
MadMyche 15-Jul-19 10:26am    
Read this:
Michael Breeden 28-Oct-19 20:11pm    
Hi Mad... Thanks but I found that article before. We're going back to 2010 I guess. It is very interesting but does not show how to use a Page in a Core MVC project. It's easy in MVC 5. The other thing is though that it says you should use MVC for AJAX. I am hoping I can use it with a Razor Page like an ASPX page (WebMethod). I do a very complicated AJAX and I like it in Pages. I hope I can figure out how to use Pages in Core MVC and use AJAX with them.

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