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i want a share plugin for share every blog indivisibly,
how can i do this,

if i use share.this or addthis plugin they both share full page link, but i want to share only particular blog or comment.

In my website many blog on one page so i want a indivisible share plugin for all,

share plugin means,
where all social network share button(facebook,twitter,google+) in one group


Updated 31-Dec-12 17:56pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Dec-12 18:20pm    
What do you call a plug-in here?
Arun kumar Gauttam 31-Dec-12 23:54pm    
plugin means,
just like addthis plug in,
where all social network share button in one control,
like(facebook,twitter,google+ etc)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Jan-13 0:01am    
You did not answer a question. You don't need to explain the work "plug-in", apparently, you need to explain a plug-in in what technology, etc.

Arun kumar Gauttam 1-Jan-13 0:33am    
plz open the:,
it provide SHARING TOOLS plugin using some code,
but the problem is it share link of page where we put them,

but in my condition i have many comment at one page,(just like many sms on one page)
so now i want share all comment or sms one by one,
so for this i want use a sharing tool plugin, bottom of every comment, and share them,

now i think, i explain every thing
Arun kumar Gauttam 1-Jan-13 0:39am    
it dose not matter that plugin use what technology,

i think it is in java script or html,

1 solution


We can do this in two ways.One with Jquery and other with CSS.

With CSS :

Change the position value to fixed or absolute.And adjust the values for Top Bottom,Right,Left

scroll facebook box with page scrolling[^]

Check this link.

Another with Jquery :

You can find lot of tutorials in google.

Hope this will help you...

Happy Coding....
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magiccoder 2-Jan-13 6:18am    
Try this too

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