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Hey i am new to,but i have experience in software development, but now i switched to ASP.NET, so which concept is imp to learn ASP.NET and C# and from where can i learn ASP.NET

What I have tried:

i tried to learn from various website, not get proper explanation
Updated 18-Nov-19 5:55am

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Akshay malvankar 18-Nov-19 5:24am    
Can you suggest main topic that i need to cover
RickZeeland 18-Nov-19 5:31am    
I would start with learning C# and once you have some understanding of that move on to ASP.NET.
DerekT-P 18-Nov-19 6:22am     CRLF
1. Brace yourself for a steep learning curve 2. Learn about HTML, particularly HTML forms 3. Once you've got some very basic understanding of C#, use it to build some native HTML forms stuff. Input boxes, dropdowns, and dynamically try and create a results grid using tables. 4. Then start learning ASP.Net webforms; you'll re-learn everything you learnt in (3), but you'll understand - and appreciate - what ASP.Net is doing for you Whatever you do, don't start by clicking "New project" in VisualStudio. It will overload you with tons of irrelevant crap that you won't understand and will just put you off. Create an empty folder, then open it as a "website" in visual studio and create a new HTML file. Get to grips with HTML and forms processing. Then create a new "webform" and see what ASP.Net can do for you. In the longer term, you'll probably need to decide between webforms and MVC; but get to grips with the web, VisualStudio, and C# first otherwise you'll flounder. Good luck and take lots of small steps!
RickZeeland 18-Nov-19 6:33am    
Now you're scaring him :)
Amit Joshi CP 18-Nov-19 7:08am    
I will not recommend Web Forms. Go for MVC or API.
I would suggest- step-by-step learning in the following specific order:
1. Object-oriented programming concepts
2. C# fundamental concepts and how to apply oop using C#
3. ASP.Net MVC
4. ASP.Net WebApi(if want to work on rest APIs)

5. Basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript (If want to have some front-end knowledge)
6. Any Javascript framework like React.js, Angualr.js, Vue.js, etc (if you want advance front-end knowledge)
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