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I am new to C# so the terms used may not be correct or proper please overlook and correct me.

I have a C# program that has a menu tool strip on the main form (A).  In the menu  bar Edit function.  I want to put a Find function under the Edit.  The Find will  start a new form (B) and on this form will be a text box in which you will type a value  and then click a find button.  The value will be searched for on form A.  If you want find another value click on form B enter it a press find. 

This I know how to do.  What I need help on is this; when you start the Find function  on form A, to call another form I want the original form A along with the new form B both to show on the screen .  This operates in a similar way the Edit, Find and Replace, Quick Find works in the C# program in Visual Studio. You can click back and forth on the forms to obtain results.

Any assistance or a better way to do this will  be appreciated. Thanks.

What I have tried:

Nothing yet as I do not know how to.
Updated 4-May-20 8:33am

If i understand your problem correctly...

You need to set Form.Owner Property (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^] to Find form to be able to see it as long as main form is visible.

Owned forms are also never displayed behind their owner form
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Maciej Los 4-May-20 14:20pm    
This is what OP knows (if i understand it correctly). The main issue is here: "I want the original form A along with the new form B both to show on the screen"
phil.o 4-May-20 14:53pm    
You're right. I upvoted your solution as it better fits the question.
Maciej Los 4-May-20 15:06pm    
Thank you.
Member 13694735 4-May-20 15:13pm    
correct. both forms A and B are in the foreground.

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