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I have two div elements, and they are both colored in so you can see them on screen. However, I want to recreate this. I want to add another div, but with same amount of pixels between them. I know how to position divs: I don't know how many pixels between the original two elements. How to find the number of pixels there?

What I have tried:

I've tried looking for online pixel grids, but cannot find any.
Updated 13-Jun-20 11:37am

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It depends on how the HTML / CSS is written, there are many, many different ways to "space out" two divs, and almost none of them specify pixels - because the number available vary according to the hardware the browser is running on.

So counting pixels is probably not a good idea (easy though it is, there are many screen rulers out there, most of them free) - it may work fine on your screen but be wildly out on my machines for example.

I'd look at how the original divs are spaced and start from that - any other approach will almost certainly fail in release.

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