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I was surprised that I didn't find much about this with Google. I have a service that copies files between machines using UNC. Part of this is a WAN (West to East Coasts), so I have fault tolerant code in it that will retry copy fails to remote machines. The thing is that in the LAN area where processing is done, I still have failures to copy files between machines. On startup, the application tests to see if work area folders exist. With the databases I actually may make a call to
select gatdate()
to "wake up" the connection. The trouble is that we had a ransomware attack about a year ago and LAN connectivity seems to have deteriorated. I'm getting more and more errors between machines on the same LAN. I've considered doing some kind of call like Directory.Exists before doing the file copy, but I expect that this is not a problem unique to me so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good technique for maybe making a low overhead wake-up call to the file system or something like that to ... wake up the network connection before the file copy.

What I have tried:

The WAN part of the application will retry file copies and database calls, but I don't do that on the LAN.
Updated 23-Nov-20 4:22am

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Michael Breeden 23-Nov-20 16:11pm    
That does sound sort of cool but it's not what I need really. Also it seems event driven which can be just a little unreliable at times. That is an interesting project though. Thanks for turning me on to it. I can see using
it for other things.

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