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Before I was doing it with XML Database but now I want to Load Products with Sql Server database .
so any one guide me how to connect and how can I load Product in using sql server database.

Here is My XML Database Code

What I have tried:

Design View Code

<div class="slider slider_circle_10">
          <%=_FeatureProduct %>
       <div class="next_button"></div>
       <div class="prev_button"></div>

Source COde

public static string _FeatureProduct;
   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

       _FeatureProduct = String.Empty;
       dsFeatureProduct dsFeatureProduct = new dsFeatureProduct();
       foreach (dsFeatureProduct.Idea_FeatureProductRow objSlideRow in dsFeatureProduct.Tables[0].Rows)

           _FeatureProduct = _FeatureProduct + "<a ' href='Product.aspx?Search=" + objSlideRow["ProductTitle"].ToString() + "'><div><img class='productpage' src='img/FeatureProduct/" + objSlideRow.ProductImage.Replace("~/img/FeatureProduct/", "") + "' width='100%' height='100%' /></div></a>";


Updated 5-Feb-21 23:34pm

1 solution

See example here: ASP.NET Web Pages Databases[^]
(note that a SQL Server Compact database is used in the example)

You will have to define a connectionstring first when working with a "normal" SQL Server version, see: Insert, Update, Delete: ASP.NET Database Connection Tutorial[^]

SQL Server is not an easy database to work with, for beginners I recommend using LiteDB[^]

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