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I am Working in and c#.

I have a div tag in my aspx page with a class,I want to access this class from code behind.How can i do it..


<div class="something"><br />
   //some code<br />

where something is a css class..I need to access the class something in codebehind.Please help me solve this issue..
Updated 3-Aug-21 3:51am
Jameel VM 18-Feb-13 1:35am
what's your requirement?
What do you mean by "accessing a class"? From the standpoint of code behind, this is just a piece of text, and your code behind generated it, if you still did not notice that...

Try this link which helps you to access div by class[^]

Also you can access div by id simply like below
<div id="textDiv" runat="server">your div text</div>

Hope this helps
Since DIV is a simple html control, you need to make it server control. Then you can access all the properties of it.
You need to do the following:
<div id="dvTest" runat="server" class="something">
//some code

Code behind:
//Here you can find the value of class easily.
string style = dv.Attributes["class"].ToString();

follow this code assign id of div and make it runat="server" then you can get CssClass name like this.

just do like this :

<div class="something" runat="server" id="test1">

server side code is

string str = test1.Attributes["class"].ToString();

// in the str string u will get class name

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