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I want convert c++ Program to java Program...
is there any softwares are available for that..
could anyone suggest me to convert that files into java...
Updated 8-Aug-21 0:13am
Sergey Chepurin 7-Jun-11 8:46am
Automated conversion is only possible (and has some sense) for .NET languages VB.NET<->C# as they share the same classes. You will have to manually convert C++ code to Java, but i think it would be easier to write Java program from the scratch.
Correct. I would make it the answer.
Albert Holguin 7-Jun-11 12:04pm
curious, why would you want to convert c++ to java?
Why not? Multi-platform version of the code, byte-code would work without re-compilation, can be deployed as applet... makes sense.
Albert Holguin 7-Jun-11 15:13pm
well, pure c++ is also cross platform, just requires the recompilation... but if you already have it in one, don't know how much benefit there is to reinvent the wheel
Who knows... Well, I generally quite skeptical about all those "conversions" (what an abuse of this term here by Inquirers!) -- translations. I think just the opposite -- if there is a chance to re-write something, it can be used. Good projects I know was written twice. Those who pretend they do it once in fact usually fall into infinite "fixes" and "improvements" and never finishes... Sad.
Niklas L 8-Jun-11 3:19am
This is a good comment and should be used as an incentive to perform a manual system overhaul.
Stefan_Lang 6-Sep-19 4:13am
While I personally believe that most attempts to rewrite something in a different language are misguided, rewriting something in Java would make it easier to create a web based solution. That said, if the original application is very complex, it would be much easier to turn the application into a DLL and then create a simple Java frontend.
Albert Holguin 7-Jun-11 20:14pm
BTW, most "code converters" don't work all that great... you'll end up having to interpret gibberish, you're better off doing it yourself.
If you look at my comment above (to the comment by Niklas): re-writing has great benefits.

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It is possible to run native code from java. Have a look at Java Native Interface[^]. That doesn't answer your question, but it might be a way to solve your problem.
Reasonable alternative, my 5. As to "conversion" (there is no "convert", come on!), I agree with Sergey Chepurin (his comment to the question on top).
Niklas L 7-Jun-11 16:48pm
I agree, thanks.
Stefan_Lang 6-Sep-19 4:00am
Agree with you on all comments and points you made.
P.S.: just realized this is another case of necroing: someone updated the OP yesterday :-/

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