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Given an array A[] of size n. The task is to find the largest element in it.

Example 1:

n = 5
A[] = {1, 8, 7, 56, 90}

Output: 90
The largest element of given array is 90.

What I have tried:

i don't know how to use the return statement here
Updated 14-Sep-21 20:59pm
Patrice T 22-Mar-21 3:19am
'i don't know how to use the return statement here '
And you can't read the documentation ?
Richard Deeming 22-Mar-21 4:49am
You have already posted this homework assignment in the Java forum:
how to do it - Java Discussion Boards[^]

CPallini 22-Mar-21 3:25am
Maciej Los 22-Mar-21 3:27am
Thank you, Carlo.
When you write a Java method[^] you can specify a return type - a type of value that the method passes back to the caller when it is finished. The return type can be anything: integer, double, boolean, a class you wrote: any single type name that you can put in front of a variable name when you declare it.

And the system then knows that you will provide a value when the method is called. To provide that value, you use the return statement supplying the value to return.
For example, a JAva method to add two numbers could be:
static int Add(int x, int y){
   int result = x + y;
   return result;
This takes two parameters called x and y both of which are integers, adds them together, and returns the resulting value.

Your need for a return in your code means you probably need a method which accepts an array of integers, and returns an integer:
static int GetBiggest(int[] arr){
   int biggest;
   return biggest;
All you need to do is fill in the code in the middle.
Maciej Los 22-Mar-21 4:16am
public class Max
  public static int findMax( int a[])
    int max = a[0];
    for( int x : a)
      if ( max < x )
        max = x;
    return max;

  public static void main(String args[] )
    int A[] = {1, 8, 7, 56, 90 };

    int max = findMax(A);
    System.out.printf("Maximum value is %d\n", max);

Maciej Los 22-Mar-21 4:16am
CPallini 22-Mar-21 8:06am
Thank you!

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