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I have a ASP.NET project which is properly working on local computer & also on godaddy's server.

but after uploading the same on dedicated server, every button those are using validations (causesvalidation='true') stopped working.
those buttons are not responding.

There is no difference in local/godaddy's & dedicated server's project. I used the same copy of the project.

Please guide what can be wrong ?
is there any dll missing on dedicated serer or I need to do some settings etc ?


What I have tried:

I tried different changes in <asp:scriptmanager id="ScriptManager1" runat="server" ajaxframeworkmode="Explicit">
and <system.codedom> settings also
Updated 11-Nov-21 20:45pm

We can't tell: the best thing to do would be to contact your hosting service tech support and ask them.

It probably needs access to the actual code (front- and back-end) and any databases it is working with while it is running to even start to work this out, and we have no access to any of that!
Found the solution.

There were no issue with code etc.
Server's firewall blocked most of the IIS services, SQL & JavaScript.

After allowing the required services in firewall, everything is working fine.
Richard Deeming 12-Nov-21 4:43am
Allowing public access to your SQL server is a great way to get hacked.

And if the firewall was blocking access to IIS (ports 80 and 443), then you wouldn't have been able to get to your page in the first place, so there wouldn't have been any buttons to click on.

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