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Hi Team

I have a form when i insert values to be stored to the local database, they dont get clear after being sent from the form they remained. I am struggling to understand how to implement if there is a logic.

What I have tried:

<form action="/" method="post">

       <div class="form-group">
           <input asp-for="Title" id="Title" type="text" class="form-control" value="Title" />

       <div class="form-group">
           <input id="Description11" type="text" class="form-control" value="Description" />

       <div class="form-group">
           <input asp-for="Date" id="Date" type="Date" class="form-control" value="Date_Occured" />

       <div class="form-group">
           <input asp-for="Time" id="Time" type="time" class="form-control" value="Time"/>

       <div class="form-group">
           <input asp-for="Assignment_Group" id="Assignment_Group" type="assignment_group" class="form-control" value="Assignment_Group" />


       <div class="form-group">
           <input asp-for="Reported_CI" id="Reported_CI" type="reported_ci" class="form-control" value="Reported_CI"/>

       <!--Submit form-->
       <div class="form-group">
           <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary" id="btnSubmit">Submit</button>



           $("#btnSubmit").click(function () {

               var Title = $("#Title").val();
               var Date = $("#Date").val();
               var Description = $("#Description11").val();
               var Date_Occured = $("#Date_Occured").val();
               var Time = $("#Time").val();
               var Assignment_Group = $("#Assignment_Group").val();
               var Reported_CI = $("#Reported_CI").val();

               alert(Title + Date + Description + Date_Occured + Time + Assignment_Group + Reported_CI );

               // Ajax call request transpoted to save values.
                   type: "POST",
                   url: "/Home/SaveIncidentTemplates?Title=" + Title + "&Date=" + Date + "&Description=" + Description + "&Date_Occured=" + Date_Occured + "&Time=" + Time + "&Assignment_Group=" + Assignment_Group + "&Reported_CI=" + Reported_CI,

                   dataType: "application/json",
                   success: function () {
                       alert("Saved successfully");



Updated 14-Nov-21 22:14pm

1 solution

Firstly, that's not a good way to pass the data. You're making a POST request, but passing everything in the URL as if it were a GET request. And you're not URL-encoding the values you send in the URL, so one wrong character by the user could corrupt the data you're inserting.
    type: "POST",
    url: "/Home/SaveIncidentTemplates",
    data: {
        Title: Title,
        Date: Date,
        Description: Description,
        Date_Occured: Date_Occured,
        Time: Time,
        Assignment_Group: Assignment_Group,
        Reported_CI: Reported_CI

Once the request succeeds, you then need to clear the form yourself:
success: function(){
    alert("Saved successfully");
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Tgcobza Mkontwana 15-Nov-21 4:55am    
@Richard modify the ajax call, now i am getting this javascript error when debugging, jquery-3.4.1.js:9837 POST https://localhost:44344/Home/SaveIncidentTemplates 500
send @ jquery-3.4.1.js:9837
ajax @ jquery-3.4.1.js:9434
(anonymous) @ Index:203
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3
Richard Deeming 15-Nov-21 4:57am    
Error 500 means the server-side code you're calling has thrown an exception. You'll need to debug that code to find out why.
Tgcobza Mkontwana 15-Nov-21 5:06am    
@Richard will debug the reason, thanks for raising this to me

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