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I want to turn on my LED connected to arduino board once it satisfies any condition provded in my python program. 

These are the conditions:

Temperature < 28 , Humidity < 60 , Moisture> 179:

Observation= 'Temperature & Humidity is less.'

Temperature > 28 , Humidity < 60 , Moisture< 179:

Observation= 'Humidity & Moisture is less.'

Temperature < 28 , Humidity > 60 , Moisture < 179:

Observation = 'Temperature & Moisture is less.'

I want the LED to turn on when the output is : '<pre>Humidity & Moisture is less.
I have created a code to user input the data and predict the value:

x=int(input("Enter the tmp:"))
y=int(input("Enter the hum:"))
z=int(input("Enter the moist:"))
my_list =[x,y,z]
y_pred = loaded_model.predict(xc)

Once we enter the inputs the ouput will get displayed through 'y pred' respective to the condition provided.

I want the led to turn on when y pred gives an output as 'Temperature & Moisture is less.'

What will be the python code to turn on the led based on this?

What I have tried:

I have tried :
from pyfirmata import util, Arduino
import time

def blink(b_time):
    board = Arduino('COM5')
    it = util.Iterator(board)

    led_13 = board.get_pin('d:13:o')
    while True:
        print('Led ON')
        print('Led OFF')

if __name__ == '__main__':

inorder to check whether the led will turn on or not. And the led turned on. Now I want to know how can I turn the LED based on the conditions provided above.
Updated 22-Nov-21 20:25pm

1 solution

So compare the values, and do it. You have the "on" and "off" code - so all you need it the conditional stuff: Python Conditions[^]
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