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I went to GitHub (for PROJ) and asked a question about it. The post got deleted and the moderator gave me a link to StackExchange (for geographic information systems) where I could ask the question (the moderator was sort of rude).

So, I went to the link to ask the question, and my question got downvoted and closed. And someone left a condescending comment and told me to use google/bing, which I already had.

What I have tried:

I have used Google, GitHub, and StackExchange to find certain answers.
Updated 7-Jan-23 13:45pm
Graeme_Grant 15-Jan-23 18:20pm    
"And someone left a condescending comment" - not condescending, but fact. Don't shoot the messengers if it is not the answer that you expect. This kind of attitude will make others not want to help you.

Well, it's probably how you are asking the question as much as where you are asking it - or more likely even more.

SO doesn't close questions that are "relevant": and moderators aren't often actually rude anywhere. So start by thinking about your question, and what you need to know. Then think about what the person on the other end needs to know in order to help you - because the cannot see your screen; can't access your HDD; can't read you mind - all they get to work with is exactly what you type.

Start here: Asking questions is a skill[^] and think about what you need to know, and what you need to tell people in order to get help.

Then try to find the right tags / forums within a site to ask the question - because posting it in the wrong place means it comes to the attention of the wrong people (ones who don't know about your subject) instead of people who can help you.

Me? I never even heard of "openlayers" so I have no idea if it's an API, specification, language, or OS - and I couldn't even begin to answer the question unless it's really basic - but QA here may be a good place to start once you have a "good question". Just don't assume we n=know anything about your project, because we really, really don't know anything you don't tell us!
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I have never heard of it too. But a quick google search returns lots of results: openlayers - Google Search[^]. Examples, tutorials, quickstarts, and lots more...

For question, a quick search of StackOverflow shows a very supportive community:[^]
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