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how to bind a dropdown in mvc4?

If you are using Html.Dropdownlist(Name of the dropdown list,Values of dropdownlist).

Code in view :

@Html.DropDownList("portname", (IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewData["items"], new { @class = "drpdwn" })

Code in Controller :


// create an object dl to access datatacess layer and get the dataset
Modelobj portret=new modelobj();
DAL dl = new DAL(); = dl.GetPortList();
List<selectlistitem>items = new List<selectlistitem>();
items = getitems(portret2);
ViewData["items"] = items;

public List<selectlistitem> getitems(Modelobj portret)
List<selectlistitem> items = new List<selectlistitem>();
foreach (var item in
items.Add(new SelectListItem
Text = Convert.ToString(item.Port_Name),
Value = Convert.ToString(item.Port_Name)
return items;
Code in Modelobj(Model Name):

public List<modelobjects> pl = new List<modelobjects>();

Code in Modelobjects (Another model) :

public class Modelobjects

//property of items inside dropwdon list

public string Port_Name { get; set; }
Check this out.

Dropdownlistfor in mvc[^]

It really helps
In controller

private void fillAllDDL()
using (ExamEntities context = new ExamEntities())
var lstCourse = (from t in context.Courses
orderby t.Course_Name
select t).ToArray();

ViewBag.course = new SelectList(lstCourse, "Course_Id", "Course_Name");

In View
@Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.course, (SelectList)ViewBag.course, "--Select Course--", new { @Id = "ddlCourse", @width = "150px"" })

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