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i have some textboxs in my page and some validation controls . i want to fire the validations controls in btn click "btn name : Save" . my page have three btn , how to fire validation in save btn only , not in any btn .

You have two options :
1 - use ValidationGroup property : all the controls and the save button have the same value for the ValidationGroup property and do not assign value for ValidationGroup property for other buttons
2 - set CausesValidation to false for the buttons , which you do not want them to fire the validation script
Darsh_Basha 31-Mar-13 11:30am
@Omar Adnan Isaid

can u explain how to do this "CausesValidation" in my buttons in my page
my page inhabited from master page. the master page contains three buttons
Omar Isaid 1-Apr-13 1:53am
R-Click on the button - that you do not want to fire the validation - choose properties from the appeared context menu and change the property CausesValidation from true to false.And so , the validation will not fire any more when you click this button
minu1989 1-Apr-13 2:16am
<asp:TextBox ID="TxtDisplayName" runat="server" Width="490px">

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator SetFocusOnError="True" ControlToValidate="TxtDisplayName"
Display="Dynamic" ValidationGroup="MailSetting" ID="RequiredFieldValidator4"
runat="server" ErrorMessage="">


<asp:Button ID="btnExtUserCreate" runat="server" ValidationGroup="MailSetting" OnClick="btnExtUserCreate_Click" />

use this code-->
Set validationGroup="Validation" to all validation control and save button, it will validate your control only when you click on save button.....
Always check page validation on Button Click.

HTML Code:

            <asp:textbox id="TxtDisplayName" runat="server" width="490px" xmlns:asp="#unknown">

 <asp:requiredfieldvalidator setfocusonerror="True" controltovalidate="TxtDisplayName" xmlns:asp="#unknown">
                Display="Dynamic" ValidationGroup="MailSetting" ID="RequiredFieldValidator4"
                runat="server" ErrorMessage="">

   <asp:button id="btnExtUserCreate" runat="server" validationgroup="MailSetting" onclick="btnExtUserCreate_Click" xmlns:asp="#unknown" />

CS Code

protected void btnExtUserCreate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// your logic

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