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I have a folder in one project, which contains user images uploaded manually.

But I have another project, which I need to also access to that folder to retrieve user images uploaded as well.

how can i do this..?

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Are you serious?
<img src="" alt="For those sick people who wanted to know that: this is a picture stored on my other site" />

See also:[^].

Mannava Siva Aditya 29-Apr-13 4:15am
With the absolute path we can do that just for displaying the image but, saving the image makes me thinking more???
Good idea, to think more. :-)
You should be more careful with terms and not spare your words. This is not "absolute path". Also, when you say "Save" you mean having some data in memory, in the memory space of some process, of some host, is serialized and stored in the file on the same host. As you can see, I addressed host computer, process and its memory, and some storage, also located on a computer. In your situation, "save" would be something like that, but at least 3 computers are involved: at least two server hosts and at least one client's. Instead of one process, at least 3 can be involved: client's and at least two server's. You should also understand that each single HTTP request followed by HTTP response executes a new instance of your ASP.NET code... You need to explain your scenario in detail, what goes where. "Save" does not look informative...

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