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how to clear a session after logout using a defualt login wizard?

bbirajdar 9-May-13 13:20pm
shortest and correct answer ..+5
Thanks7872 10-May-13 0:03am
Renju Vinod 10-May-13 0:31am
crazie.coder 14-May-13 8:51am
It is correct answer but can't we use session.abandon() here??
In addition to the above solution, you should use


on the Page_Load event of logout page. Read more here[^]
Thanks7872 10-May-13 0:03am
↑voted.Its the smarter way to flush the session.
Renju Vinod 10-May-13 0:31am
These three methods are used to clear session variables from the server.

***Session.Abandon includes Session.RemoveAll and also deletes the session id created for the session. So, subsequent request to .aspx page would create a new session with a new session id.

***Session.RemoveAll will remove all the user defined session variables but still keeps the session if u want to end session you must use Session.Abandon().

***Session.Clear() do the same job as Session.RemoveAll().
You can refer to wonderful explanation on below link:

What is the difference between Session.Abandon() and Session.Clear()

It states that:

Clear - Removes all keys and values from the session-state collection.

Abandon - removes all the objects stored in a Session. If you do not call the Abandon method explicitly, the server removes these objects and destroys the session when the session times out.
It also raises events like Session_End.

Session.Clear can be compared to removing all books from the shelf, while Session.Abandon is more like throwing away the whole shelf.

Both the answers above are correct,its totally up to you how you want your session to be handled.
Renju Vinod 10-May-13 0:30am
+5 Nice explanation
Thanks7872 10-May-13 0:31am
Thanks alot Vinod..!
AshishChaudha 10-May-13 1:01am
My +5 for good explanation..
Thanks7872 10-May-13 1:02am
Thank you Ashish.
crazie.coder 15-May-13 1:23am
good one. +5
Thanks7872 15-May-13 2:49am
Many thanks to you..!
just use this code

iot will fix your problem
session["User"] = null;
There are three Ways:

1) session.clear();
2) session.abandon();
3) session["sessionname"] = null; e.g: session["UserID"] = null;
on Login_Page write following code on page load

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

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