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So here is my situation:

I need to map a property to a concatenation of two fields, and I'm not exactly sure how it should be done.

Here's a code sample of what IN THEROY I am trying to accomplish:

Property AccountSequence = table.PART1 + table.PART2
where Part1 and Part2 are varchar

public class MyObjectConfiguration : EntityTypeConfiguration<TemporaryObject>
    public MyObjectConfiguration()

        Property(p =>p.AccountSequence).HasColumnName("PART1").HasColumnName("PART2");

1 solution

I would add a partial class to extend my EF class, to create a new property that concatenates the two you're talking about. You could then define any business rule you want if you want to also accept a setting of one value, and split it to store two.
Tom Wauters 12-Jun-13 0:00am
You can also override the ToString() method in that partial class.

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