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Hi I have rather strange requirement of gathering data through bunch of xml files and binding it to Listview(WPF one). this part was somehow completed . but the challenge I have is have to export the listviewitems to an Datatable and from there to Excel or csv

I googled , but with no luck ,is there any suggestions or examples ?

Just saw the replies ....I think i need to be more specific on my problem

I have bunch of files(xml ones) from which i gather cretain node values and bind it to Lisview.For this i have used XMl to linq technique and have binded them

below is snippet

var MethodList = from Elements in XpedDoc.Descendants(ns + "Method")
                                 select Elements;
 foreach (var XpedElement in MethodList)
               { do something }

LstNodeView.Items.Add(ndXped);// adding to my list view  where ndXped is custom class

Now after this I want export all listitems into datatable to export into Excel file 

Hope this helps
Updated 19-Jun-13 19:58pm
Ron Beyer 19-Jun-13 21:01pm
Why the intermediate data table? Is it being displayed somewhere?
mpslnt 20-Jun-13 1:33am
Yep....... it is being exported to excel file
koleraba 19-Jun-13 21:35pm
I am afraid I don't understand your question. I guess you have to export the data which is bind to your ListViewItems not the actual ListViewItems. Since your ListView is generated from items read from xml I don't understand what the problem is.
mpslnt 20-Jun-13 1:34am
I do read from about 100 Xml files .. thats the reason...

1 solution

xml to data table
DataTable dt=new DataTable();
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
StringReader reader = new StringReader(Xmlstring);
dt = ds.Tables[0];

Data Table to Xml
MemoryStream str = new MemoryStream();
dt.WriteXml(str, true);
str.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(str);
string Xmlstring= sr.ReadToEnd();

Hope you will get solution ...

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