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I want to send mail from my application.I design html mail that contain Background images but in the mail the image not display but other content displayed.How can i solved it please help me any one.
Thanks and regards
Meganathan M
[no name] 18-Jul-13 2:33am
Please provide piece of code for better understanding.
Bernhard Hiller 18-Jul-13 2:35am
How do you embed the background images - with an img src="" tag or directly?
In the former case: does the email software you use for viewing the email block external content?
in the latter case: do you see the code for the image in the source of the email?
meganathanm 18-Jul-13 3:05am
From css
.mailimage1{background:url("Samplemailimages/green.jpg") no-repeat top left;}

<td class="mailimage1">
Hemant Singh Rautela 18-Jul-13 2:43am
HI, The simple answer is your question is we cannot use background images in Email, As you can see various newsletter they used images color and text...

1 solution

.mailimage1{background:url("Samplemailimages/green.jpg") no-repeat top left;}
That's the point: where is Samplemailimages/green.jpg? Somewhere on your server. And the email client - where does it run? On the client computer. Where does the email client expect the image? Somewhere on the local disk. Hence it cannot show it.
Give a proper full URL, something like
instead of the relative URL above.

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