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I have a task to write a console application/Program/Class, In which the application has to run specific method at regular intervals.
My Question is
==>I don't know how to run a application/Program that runs all the time in the back end utilizing only limited resources?
I have tried "Timer" class in c# but the program stops at some pt of time.
[no name] 14-Aug-13 5:41am
Why don't you just use the task scheduler?
CPallini 14-Aug-13 6:48am

Simple way is to create a console application and create the exe file.

And use the Windows scheduler to run that exe file on certain interval.
CPallini 14-Aug-13 6:48am
5. The Windows Scheduler is quite effective.
private System.Timers.Timer aTimer;

private void StartTimer(double intervalInMilleseconds)
    aTimer = new System.Timers.Timer(intervalInMilleseconds);

    aTimer.Elapsed += (sender, args) => someMethod();

    aTimer.Enabled = true;

private void someMethod()
    aTimer.Enabled = false;

    Console.WriteLine("method called");

    aTimer.Enabled = true;
Somewhere, call: StartTimer(#intervalInMilleseconds);

For anything other than "demo" purposes, I think the suggestion here to use WindowsScheduler is the best strategy.

And, have you thought about how you will terminate your application: you better :)

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