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Hi Experts,

I have a table called releasemaster

This table having data as follows:

releaseid	  clientversion	     serviceversion	                databaseversion
116	     002.091.118	       2.91.124	                   0.40
117	     002.091.108	       2.91.114	                   0.30
118	     002.091.100	       2.91.106	                   0.28

I want to remove the clientversion column leading zeros:

For example i have Clientversion(varchar field) value as 000.090.064
I want to display clientversion value as 0.90.64

 Actual column value                column value to be display 
000.123.090                                          0.123.90
090.123.090                                          90.123.90
900.080.001                                          900.80.1
900.897.000                                          900.897.0
002.009.009                                          2.9.9 

How can i get the client version column value in that format by using the select statement.

Please help me out with this issue , i will appreciate you.
Updated 18-Aug-13 7:36am
gvprabu 16-Aug-13 10:13am
See If you have 002.090.064 then 02.090.064 or 2.090.064...? and tel me one thing u need to check only first dot (.) before value or all values.
argeraju 18-Aug-13 13:20pm
Thanks Prabu for showing interest on my question.I want to check all dots(.) values.
For example if Client version is 001.080.012 then i want to display client version as 1.80.12 in the page.
actual column value column value to be display
010.980.089 10.980.89
100.765.908 100.765.908
100.010.089 100.10.89

select release_id,
convert(varchar, convert(int, PARSENAME(clientversion,3))) + '.' +
convert(varchar, convert(int, PARSENAME(clientversion,2))) + '.' +
convert(varchar, convert(int, PARSENAME(clientversion,1))) as ClientVersion,
databaseversion from releasemaster
argeraju 18-Aug-13 14:01pm
Thank you very much Tim Carmichael.I appreciated you.You did great job.It is working fine. I have tried to solve this issue in many ways but i didn't. You did it.
Maciej Los 18-Aug-13 16:41pm
Tim Carmichael 18-Aug-13 17:02pm
You're welcome, and thank you to you and Maciej Los.
DECLARE @strCV [nvarchar](26)
SET @strCV='002.091.118'
SELECT RIGHT(@strCV, LEN(@strCV)-PATINDEX('%.%',@strCV)+2)
argeraju 18-Aug-13 14:14pm
Thanks ReDk. I appreciated you also.Actually i wanted to check the same thing for all dots(.)before value.You also answered for my question partially. With this also i got an idea to solve my problem.

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