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Please I am doing a project that reads data from an excel sheet to a datagrid and the saves the data from the datagrid to an access database that will be created at runtime. The import to the datagrid has been done and even with that, the excel file needs to be opened literally before the datagrid can read from it. But as for the saving to the access database created at runtime, I have not been able to make any thing for it. For that side, the data from the datagrid is to be read row by row or column by column to the database including the datagrid headings. Please help me. My project supervisor needs a working prototype by monday or by next week. Thank you all for your help.
You can PM me or email me for the source code.. Thank you once again...
Maciej Los 28-Nov-13 3:56am
"You can PM me or email me for the source code" - No! We can't do that for you, because of CP rules. You can expect response only by this message board.
Peter_jnr 29-Nov-13 10:40am
Thank you. I never knew the rules to posting questions. I am really grateful. Will let you know by the close of today what I have been able to make out of this. I appreciate your kind efforts. Thank you...
Maciej Los 29-Nov-13 11:00am
You're welcome. I'm waiting.
Peter_jnr 30-Nov-13 8:46am
It works but the thing is I am still new to creating of database so I couldnt create a table from an already existing dataset which is read from the datagrid... I am sorry. I know I am a bit dumb....
I wish I knew how to create a table from the dataset which is read from the datagrid. But in the end, I was able to send it to excel but not access...
I would be much grateful if you could help me with the understanding of the datatable read from a dataset in a datagrid or read from a dataset.
I know the question is not clear. Its because I dont know how to put what I am saying in a much clearer way...
Thanks for your suppport
Maciej Los 30-Nov-13 12:03pm
If datagrid is bounded with datasource, simply use datasource property to create new datatable ;)

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